Monday, February 22, 2010

The Source of Love

I sense a smell of spring in the air..What will this new year bring, I wonder? Spring is my favorite time of year..Flowers a blaze with colour,fresh air to breathe and wondrous things to cast our eyes upon. Can this year be better than last?
Most people make resolutions on January 1, but I get my renewed spirit as the grass starts to turn green and the trees bud.
You know this year can be better for you and me..our own thoughts can make sure that happens. Gratitude is something I will practice much more this year and each year to come. When you cast your bread upon the water it comes back always in a mightier way.
I plan to give more and let God bless me more..accepting His blessings instead of quenching them with the thoughts of "I don't deserve them" roaming through my mind...
We must train our minds to think the right way if we have abused them by resounding the same old tune over and over again of negativity.
I plan to place my thoughts on a higher ground this year and when the rain comes, to hold out my hands and feel the purification of the present time and use it for good...
I choose to look at things any way I choose and I choose to lose the bonds of fear and claim what God has for me..Love, relationships, blessings, and most of all remembering to have gratitude to the Source of love..GOD!!!