Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My God, how important communication is in a relationship. If it doesn't exsist, there is no RELATIONship. I see couples everyday just give up because silence has taken over and niether knows how to start the process of REALLY talking again. They walk through their daily routine wondering why they aren't happy and fulfilled and they don't know why. Silence and non-communication is the cancer eating core of the destruction of most marriages and relationships. Just opening a conversation is scary, and what if the other person takes what you say thewrong way?...the endless limbo goes on and on and on.
Effective communication begins with yourself and believing what you have to say is important. If you don't believe it is worth taking the risk, even if you lose the relationship..why be in it in the first place? Relate..an intersting word... take time to read the definition...
We are with someone to enhance our lives, love and respect, and yet so many suddenly find themselves in such a destuctive pattern of no communicaton or mis-communication that the divorce papers or door is staring them in the face and they have no clue why.
Talking and limiting that talk to the subject at hand, checking emotions at the door, is so important. Letting your partner know the way you feel..NOT THE WAY HE OR SHE MAKES YOU FEEL. Take a time each week to respectfully let your partner know how you feel and then let that person alone and let it go. Keep the conversation short and sweet and understand, for some, it takes some time to digest even the best said things. Start slow if the talking has taken a vacation and remember, this could be new to both of you...step lightly and most of all, come at all things with love and the best intentions for the other person. Read some books on communication and learn it's value. It might save your happiness and love for the stranger you live with now!!
Love to all