Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Demons in the Closet"

Today was a sad day for me. I was walking my dog as I do each morning, and ran upon a woman verbally abusing her small son. My first instinct was to run up to her and pop her one and grab her son and take him away. What is it with people?? I started to cry..Her son was so scared, you could see it in his little eyes, he would have done anything to escape the pain of what I am sure she has done to him many times before.
God blesses people with gifts and adults abuse them. It ruined my day to say the least and I wonder what Karma she will reap being as evil as she is.
Is she my enemy??I prayed for her, and the small child. What in her past life could make her so cruel?
Children are so special to God, He says if you hurt a child it would be better to have a millstone(HUGE ROCK) tied to your neck and thrown into the sea...I think that is pretty clear...You will not be having a good time in what you reap.
Animals and children are big pet peeves when it comes to abuse..all abuse is WRONG..it just seems it is more wrong when the abused can't fight back. Children and animals are so helpless. I beg you today to evaluate any wrong doing in your life when it comes to physical and mental abuse. Many times we hide our wrongs because we can't help what we do. I beg you..are you doing wrong? and if you are..please get help..If I can get one person by writing this to seek help, it was worth it all...
We can always be forgiven, but not until we admit our demons in the closet.

Monday, June 7, 2010

"Have you lost you?"

It is so hard to walk the line between self respect and light kindness. You can give so much,, thinking you are selfless and find out you have totally lost "yourself". All of a sudden you are asking yourself, "Who am I?".
We have a right to be connected to what is inside ourselves, and to not let another take the core of you in any way. Many people are abused and yet they have gone through it so much, it seems totally natural to give way beyond what is healthy.It may even take another person to say something before they understand, it could be abuse!!
Many people I know, have lost their self in another person, and don't even realize it. Have you?? A healthy relationship,not lopsided, is very rare indeed. Most couples have a giver and a taker..Which are you?? Unfortunately the giver does not realize how much of him or herself they have given over the years and all at once there is a feeling of being used when they wake up.
If we can analyze the situation and remedy it before we feel used and realize we have let the other person abuse us, we may be able to overcome the issue and become healthy again.
Each person has to give in a relationship, I just ask you to make sure yours is healthy and that you have your core in tact. You do not want to wake up one day and say "Who am I and what am I doing here?" It is a long road back!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life is About Learning

Are you here on this earth to learn something each day? If we all took that kind of attitude, the world would become a place of peace, and kindness would rule. Rude and unkind people have no place in my life anymore. I have decided, I have NO time for them or for their attitudes of darkness. I think many today have forgotten their manners and or never learned any. Each of us has the same 24 hours to evaluate our actions and bed-side manner each day we live. If you don't care what impact you have on each moment you live fine, but please don't get in the way of others who actually work on themselves "spiritually" everyday!!There are some of us who actually try to give the world a part of themselves and to add an ounce of kindness to someones day.
I challenge you to ask yourself,and be honest, if you care about only you?? That is a hard one, as we all think we are the cream of the crop in our own eyes. What do you do as a random act of kindness..even if you don't want to. What do you bring to this world as a light? If it takes too long for you to come up with something..maybe you need some soul work. That is a painfull thing to deal with and yet the outcome...is more freedom than you can know!!The truth will set some free.
Look inward and evaluate. I try each day and yet am learning each day how much I do not know!!!