Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Demons in the Closet"

Today was a sad day for me. I was walking my dog as I do each morning, and ran upon a woman verbally abusing her small son. My first instinct was to run up to her and pop her one and grab her son and take him away. What is it with people?? I started to cry..Her son was so scared, you could see it in his little eyes, he would have done anything to escape the pain of what I am sure she has done to him many times before.
God blesses people with gifts and adults abuse them. It ruined my day to say the least and I wonder what Karma she will reap being as evil as she is.
Is she my enemy??I prayed for her, and the small child. What in her past life could make her so cruel?
Children are so special to God, He says if you hurt a child it would be better to have a millstone(HUGE ROCK) tied to your neck and thrown into the sea...I think that is pretty clear...You will not be having a good time in what you reap.
Animals and children are big pet peeves when it comes to abuse..all abuse is WRONG..it just seems it is more wrong when the abused can't fight back. Children and animals are so helpless. I beg you today to evaluate any wrong doing in your life when it comes to physical and mental abuse. Many times we hide our wrongs because we can't help what we do. I beg you..are you doing wrong? and if you are..please get help..If I can get one person by writing this to seek help, it was worth it all...
We can always be forgiven, but not until we admit our demons in the closet.