Monday, September 20, 2010

My Walk.........

There once was a girl who struggled to understand what her purpose for existence was. She searched her heart and her mind to no avail. She read books to inspire her and asked people to give her their opinion...She new there was more to life than what she was doing and that her purpose was just beyond her nose. She just could not get a hold of it. She consulted her heart many times as she new it was hiding there, not willing to show its face. She prodded and prodded and nothing. Sorry that she faced many days on this earth not understanding her PFE, she became obsessed with finding that purpose. That happens sometimes as you realize you have one.
She started asking herself and her heart and is continuing to expect the answer soon.
We all have a PFE, and when, and if we truly want to know it will find us.I am searching for mine, as I am the girl in the story. I may be in the middle of mine, and don't know it or am living it as we speak. I do know that I am here for a purpose and it will find me as I keep my heart and eyes open.
Are you fulfilled and happy..or are you lost and bitter? Ask the question and answer it honestly. I am on the road and seems long and far..but I am willing to walk it to find the answers I need. Will you come along for the walk??.It may take us far into ourselves!!