Sunday, July 20, 2014

                                                            "I Am Finally"
Most of the last 10 years have been a period of emotional growth for me, and boy has it been a journey! I have gone from a scared, unsure, insecure, and paralyzed child to a strong secure woman. I know the journey is not over by any means. I want to begin writing again and let you begin to know who I am and why. If I can benefit any one life with the sharing of my experiences, it will have been worth all the triumphs and tragedies.
These next blogs will explain my life and the roads I have endured. I am not by any means a story teller, but sometimes going through some of life's difficult times knowing someone else experienced the same thing, can help you in your walk.
A few things I will be writing about are: My oldest son's addiction to Meth. How I finally lost over100 lbs and kept it off. Dealing with mental illness in a family. Being a product of physical and mental abuse, both in childhood and as an adult. Divorce. Living a large part of my life in a cult church and finally realizing I was brainwashed, and overcoming that issue. These are just a few of my life's trials.
Until then
Dee Hall