Monday, April 18, 2016

"Persistant Passion"

I have always wondered why my life seemed like a bunch of space junk flying to nowhere. Always wondering why I was put here and what my purpose was. Watching as my children grew up and kissing them goodbye as life took them away.

It isn't fun living in your head that way, but it sure helps you continue to search on for your passion. My last blog was two years ago and I have continued on the journey to finally understanding, it really is the journey and not the destination.

I am who I am because of all the adversity I have been through and my passion stems from the fact that, had I not come up for air gulping with all my might, I would have drowned in my sorrows of life.

I am my passion! Oh I know you may think that is narcissistic, but on the contrary. From the first time I was called fatso in 4th grade I was working with a self esteem deficit. My whole life was affected by that first endorsement because I believed it with all my heart. Why shouldn't I? It was made by a peer whom I thought liked me.

The last two years I have been a work in progress coming to the realization , that bullying affected my entire life. It gave me a false picture of who I was and I bought that picture and lived the within the framework.

My passion is to stop the abuse
and to share my experience with children and parents.

Tolerance is a must in society if we are to evolve, but not tolerance of bullies!!