Monday, February 22, 2010

The Source of Love

I sense a smell of spring in the air..What will this new year bring, I wonder? Spring is my favorite time of year..Flowers a blaze with colour,fresh air to breathe and wondrous things to cast our eyes upon. Can this year be better than last?
Most people make resolutions on January 1, but I get my renewed spirit as the grass starts to turn green and the trees bud.
You know this year can be better for you and me..our own thoughts can make sure that happens. Gratitude is something I will practice much more this year and each year to come. When you cast your bread upon the water it comes back always in a mightier way.
I plan to give more and let God bless me more..accepting His blessings instead of quenching them with the thoughts of "I don't deserve them" roaming through my mind...
We must train our minds to think the right way if we have abused them by resounding the same old tune over and over again of negativity.
I plan to place my thoughts on a higher ground this year and when the rain comes, to hold out my hands and feel the purification of the present time and use it for good...
I choose to look at things any way I choose and I choose to lose the bonds of fear and claim what God has for me..Love, relationships, blessings, and most of all remembering to have gratitude to the Source of love..GOD!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your "Soul Mind" Will Surprise You

I have often thought I used to be a very negative thinker.I used to catch myself thinking the most negative things...I am fat, I am ugly, no one likes me..I will never be happy..well, you get the idea. NONE of those things should ever pass through our mind..The tape recorder MUST STOP.I am so bent on stopping all thoughts that do not pertain to life and light, that is has become a daily work for me.
People like me have been told things and we started to believe them, but we don't have to!! When I realized this, my life changed...
Our brains are very complicated matter and when we decide to fill our "soul minds" with any thoughts, they manifest in this world...This is Biblical as well, for all those out there who may think this is a little weird..Ask, seek and knock are verbs YOU do!! We have everything we need..we just can't see it yet and nor will we until we accept it into our lives on a deeper level.
Do you think negatively?? What is manifesting in your life?? Stop and research this practice among the living..Jesus taught it, as well as the some of the most profound people in history!!You are literally what you think..What is faith? Believing in something you can't see yet..YET folks..Keep thinking on it..praying about it..It will come!!And what if it doesn't?? Well can't answer that one..the question is so negative..I think that it is the answer why it doesn't happen.
It takes practice..just Like all the other things you become good at.
Think on whatsoever things are pure, lovely ect...I never see anything negative in this scripture!!Do you??
Get your mind together and change your life..Your "soul mind" will surprise you!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"You Have No Idea"

My oldest son went off to Colorado yesterday, and I started thinking, "Do they ever really dis-connect from you?" Mine will be twenty-two soon, and I never feel as if he is "all" grown up. They call you now, just like they did, to come and fix their boo boos when they were two. They ask you to tell them "everything will be fine" just like when they they fell off the swing when they were five. They beg for your advice just like they did when they got caught cheating on a spelling test when they were nine. They scream at you now just like when they were frustrated because they had a crush on a girl, who didn't know they were alive when they were thirteen. They don't call you now, just like they didn't talk to you for days, when you grounded them for taking the car without permission when they were sixteen. They cry on your shoulder now, just like they did when they were born.
That is why, when the time comes to help them up as a grown adult you can expect they will forget to tell you they love you, just like the time you dusted off their knees and off they skipped to play once again in the game of life.
They love us as parents, but God made a world to explore, and they must..all by themselves and yet, it is comforting to us when they call and say hey mom.."Did I ever tell you I love you?" and I say.."Oh yes in so many have no idea!!"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Broken No More"

If you knew who I was, and where I had been
You might think twice before you begin

To try to relate to my broken past
It ain't very pretty, relentlessly cast

I was torn and belittled, shamelessly bit
Sometimes tears would come as I was cornered and hit

Don't feel sorry for me, many like me are here
They live in the silence and darkness and fear

Look into our eyes there's a vacancy there
Sometimes we can't help but to sit there and stare

We are lawyers and mothers and teachers and some
Are nothing because faith was stolen from them

By men who killed us one piece at a time
And threw us away stopping our lives in time.

We are strong, don't you know
We have come a long way

To tell the world NO MORE
This stops today!!

We are loving, deserving and won't let this be
"PERFECTLY GOOD USED WOMAN" a good title for me!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Purifying Hurts!!

Am I just crazy or are there many people who just think "they are right" period, case closed? Sounds like the "teachers of the law" in the Bible Jesus was so angry with, and yet I run into so many yet, that still don't understand what concept Jesus was teaching...The word tolerance stirs up some pretty nasty Christian snarls!! I know..I have seen them. Tolerance seems to make some Christians feel like they aren't holding up the TRUTH of God...
Lets examine...tolerance. Jesus had tolerance for all who sat at the cross and watched him die..They had a whole different idea of what was going on..and yet Jesus knew exactly what was happening..."Father forgive them for they know not what they do" The woman caught in adultery...NO STONING..the law was still behind Jesus..but think about what He did. Tolerance for Peter...and his mistake of denial..I know some people who would never have forgiven him..why?? No tolerance. Jesus gave tolerance to people when He had every right to dis-own them..Do we give that to others?? Or only when it is easy and doesn't ruffle any of our righteous feathers.
Christians follow Jesus...Who are you following, when you don't look or act anything like our Lord...Look in the mirror and will burn...purifying hurts!!