Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"You Have No Idea"

My oldest son went off to Colorado yesterday, and I started thinking, "Do they ever really dis-connect from you?" Mine will be twenty-two soon, and I never feel as if he is "all" grown up. They call you now, just like they did, to come and fix their boo boos when they were two. They ask you to tell them "everything will be fine" just like when they they fell off the swing when they were five. They beg for your advice just like they did when they got caught cheating on a spelling test when they were nine. They scream at you now just like when they were frustrated because they had a crush on a girl, who didn't know they were alive when they were thirteen. They don't call you now, just like they didn't talk to you for days, when you grounded them for taking the car without permission when they were sixteen. They cry on your shoulder now, just like they did when they were born.
That is why, when the time comes to help them up as a grown adult you can expect they will forget to tell you they love you, just like the time you dusted off their knees and off they skipped to play once again in the game of life.
They love us as parents, but God made a world to explore, and they must..all by themselves and yet, it is comforting to us when they call and say hey mom.."Did I ever tell you I love you?" and I say.."Oh yes in so many have no idea!!"