Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Broken No More"

If you knew who I was, and where I had been
You might think twice before you begin

To try to relate to my broken past
It ain't very pretty, relentlessly cast

I was torn and belittled, shamelessly bit
Sometimes tears would come as I was cornered and hit

Don't feel sorry for me, many like me are here
They live in the silence and darkness and fear

Look into our eyes there's a vacancy there
Sometimes we can't help but to sit there and stare

We are lawyers and mothers and teachers and some
Are nothing because faith was stolen from them

By men who killed us one piece at a time
And threw us away stopping our lives in time.

We are strong, don't you know
We have come a long way

To tell the world NO MORE
This stops today!!

We are loving, deserving and won't let this be
"PERFECTLY GOOD USED WOMAN" a good title for me!!