Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your "Soul Mind" Will Surprise You

I have often thought I used to be a very negative thinker.I used to catch myself thinking the most negative things...I am fat, I am ugly, no one likes me..I will never be happy..well, you get the idea. NONE of those things should ever pass through our mind..The tape recorder MUST STOP.I am so bent on stopping all thoughts that do not pertain to life and light, that is has become a daily work for me.
People like me have been told things and we started to believe them, but we don't have to!! When I realized this, my life changed...
Our brains are very complicated matter and when we decide to fill our "soul minds" with any thoughts, they manifest in this world...This is Biblical as well, for all those out there who may think this is a little weird..Ask, seek and knock are verbs YOU do!! We have everything we need..we just can't see it yet and nor will we until we accept it into our lives on a deeper level.
Do you think negatively?? What is manifesting in your life?? Stop and research this practice among the living..Jesus taught it, as well as the some of the most profound people in history!!You are literally what you think..What is faith? Believing in something you can't see yet..YET folks..Keep thinking on it..praying about it..It will come!!And what if it doesn't?? Well can't answer that one..the question is so negative..I think that it is the answer why it doesn't happen.
It takes practice..just Like all the other things you become good at.
Think on whatsoever things are pure, lovely ect...I never see anything negative in this scripture!!Do you??
Get your mind together and change your life..Your "soul mind" will surprise you!!