Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My God, how important communication is in a relationship. If it doesn't exsist, there is no RELATIONship. I see couples everyday just give up because silence has taken over and niether knows how to start the process of REALLY talking again. They walk through their daily routine wondering why they aren't happy and fulfilled and they don't know why. Silence and non-communication is the cancer eating core of the destruction of most marriages and relationships. Just opening a conversation is scary, and what if the other person takes what you say thewrong way?...the endless limbo goes on and on and on.
Effective communication begins with yourself and believing what you have to say is important. If you don't believe it is worth taking the risk, even if you lose the relationship..why be in it in the first place? Relate..an intersting word... take time to read the definition...
We are with someone to enhance our lives, love and respect, and yet so many suddenly find themselves in such a destuctive pattern of no communicaton or mis-communication that the divorce papers or door is staring them in the face and they have no clue why.
Talking and limiting that talk to the subject at hand, checking emotions at the door, is so important. Letting your partner know the way you feel..NOT THE WAY HE OR SHE MAKES YOU FEEL. Take a time each week to respectfully let your partner know how you feel and then let that person alone and let it go. Keep the conversation short and sweet and understand, for some, it takes some time to digest even the best said things. Start slow if the talking has taken a vacation and remember, this could be new to both of you...step lightly and most of all, come at all things with love and the best intentions for the other person. Read some books on communication and learn it's value. It might save your happiness and love for the stranger you live with now!!
Love to all

Friday, July 15, 2011


Intent.... What a word. Never knew it was the same as "Desire"  You learn something knew every day, if you listen closely
Do you live by your ego or your heart?? Seems to me, ego destroys everything that intent wants to create for your life. Get rid of the ego and the intent, desire can manifest great things in your life. You and the Source can create anything you want, and it is magnificent to watch. Let go and create what intent has waiting for you.
Love what you do and love the people around you. Choose these things and your life flows...live by selfish ego and the road can be really bumpy. You don't have to figure it all out, intent does that for you. Just grab hold and go for the ride.
Many people have no idea that the Source is available to all..you must learn how to re-connect with it. That may be, but it is not the easiest thing to do..RE-CONNECT. Just how is that done??
And how did we get dis-connected??
Spirit is the same as intent, and all things living are connected together by one Source. What is amazing to me is the fact that nature has no problem with intent..and acorn knows exactly what it will be in the end as well as a seed. We, on the other hand have big problems because we think too much and hinder the process of our intent. Heart is what should connect us to the Source and yet the wonderful mind we have been given actually gets in the way of that process. It's a bugger!!
They say..Just let go... WOW if that were as easy as it sounds, everyone would understand..I know sometimes I don't, and I get caught up living in doubt and I have to say DELETE!!!! STOP... let my higher self take over and know INTENT is looking after me.

Friday, July 8, 2011

"Kick it Up a Notch" "BAM"

What gifts do you have to bring to the table of life?? Many don't know or are trying to figure it out day by. I am still trying to figure out what my gifts are. All of us have them, but sometimes they are hidden until the right time. With what mind do you get up with in the morning? A servants mind or a selfish mind?? Do you look around you and keep your eyes open for opportunities to brighten anothers day? Or do you think on what can I achieve for selfish gain this day. Don't get me wrong, having is not wrong, for what we have we can share with all. It is a heart thing that opens up the world to each of us, and gives us a peace that passes understanding. Life and things will flow perfectly  as you get rid of the EGO and live in the heart. That is not easy to do as the ego can be a very strong entity to overcome. It was meant to be strong to carry us through hard times when we need to "kick it up a notch", but not so hard we can't manage it and only use it when warrior times approach. And they do many times in our life.
Look in the mirror and remember, you are a special and you have much to give to this earth. Run with those gifts and remember, the perfect person does not exist, we all have faults, and we all have gifts to share with mankind. Your gifts will always give you a peace in your heart, it may be giving of money, giving encouragement, giving love, giving a smile, giving advice {if asked}. Just strive to make this world a more peaceful and loving place and you walk with Spirit.
You are changing this world for good, if for once you live for others and not for yourself. One random act of kindness stirs the positive energy we so badly need to live peace!!
Love who you are as well, for if you are not positive who you are, then how can you positively influence anything...
Have a day of giving and see how it changes your life
Till next time!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Are You Ready??"

Many of you realize we are coming into a time when this earthly life will become easier and we will finally have what we need to accomplish those jobs we seem to understand we were put here to do and have been doing for quite sometime,although with much uncertainty... Many of us have feelings of unrest right now...and that is perfectly normal. Many don't know why they are here and that is ok as well. We are at a pivital time in this planets history..many of you understand that, but for those of you who don't..life can seem extremely confusing. You will know all things when you are ready is what many tell me. I always want to stress though that you must listen to Spirit and quiet yourself to hear. There are many people who believe we are going to just END. My beliefs are yes we will end, but begin. Are you ready to co-create your life?? Many of you understand the implications of what that means. Having enough for once... knowing all will be alright, and being positioned to rest in your soul from all the work you have been doing. Physically, many have been on a very painful journey for a very long time working hard to achieve the goals they have been striving for. One thing to remember is that a positive attitude always prevails and even in times of what seems to be spiritual darkness "what am I doing here?",keeping the old "chin up" attitude will bring peace to your heart where once feelings of "I'm done" lived.
I try to write to the many beautiful people out there who are coming into an understanding, but aren't quite sure of their purpose. It's ok not to have a full understanding of why you feel the way you do, but to know there are many who feel like that at just this point in time. Confusing?? Yes,but knowing you have people that are just like you and are on a journey of some kind, makes it a little more tolerable when the darkness is right in front of your eyes. Don't worry the black will eventually clear and you will be able to see far far beyond... For now rest and listen...You will hear in the distance.Till next time...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"My Storm"

As I gazed out of the window, I wondered how long we were destined to remain in this place on top of a mountain. I wondered if I should pursue friendships or remain silent while we waited to see where life took us. Fortunately friendships came regardless of my wishes and our life here on the mountain became a routine of insanity for me. The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months... many times if it had not been for a very good friend, I might have thought life was not worth living. I absolutely could not understand why we were here and for what purpose we must stay. I started pondering just what my lifes purpose was and that made me more upset with my life here. I struggle knowing I am here for a reason, and yet not knowing the specifics is like standing in the rain waiting for SOMEONE to bring you an umbrella. I must admit, parts of my existence here are hell on earth. I am slowly learning many people are going through the same process in their lives. Uncertainty about residences,relationships,jobs,money, and just plain unrest!! Unrest is the only word I can describe the past months of my life. I feel as if all I know and have ever known makes no difference in how I feel, and yet I feel the storm approaching before the beautiful sun peeks through the clouds of my life, and the warmth of the sun on my skin makes me forget all the months of hurt and unrest. Life is ready to unfold and as I reach out I know I will finally feel the energy this storm has been gathering.

Friday, February 11, 2011

"I Choose to Create a Wonderful Tomorrow"

I have to admit, this has been the absolute hardest time in my life. For those of you that have no idea, I am going through what I thought would be an easy divorce. Little did I know, I was so wrong!! I had every intention of being the guy who takes the high road..but someone keeps dragging me through the dirt!!I still want to be reasonable and kind and forgiveness is not an option..it is a must for me to heal. I may never forget though. They say divorce is like death..yes well mine died many years ago, so I started with depression and ended with "love covers many things" attitude. Thank you soon to be X for bringing me through hell..I came out in heaven and learned much while I survived.
I also have a very special friend who saved me much heartache. I can say this person was my Angel sent from the Source. Thank you to this person for probably saving my life at one point or another with kind words and a kind ear. When the Source provides a person to nurture you through hard times..feel blessed always, for you are special enough to have an Angel.
It is not over yet, but at least I made it through the hardest part, being alone for the first time in many many years. Oh the FEAR!! It is immobilizing. All the thoughts that flow endlessly through your mind.."Will I survive all this?" "Am I going to be able to support my child?" They never end..Until you just give them up!! Stop throwing the thought pebbles of negativity into your attitude pool. Find positive pebbles and cast them in every day like diamonds. They are the thoughts that are creating your tomorrows. Soon your life takes on a new meaning, and fear turns into faith and love is your vehicle that carries you along. Love what you are creating everyday and look at it with the innocence of a child. Marvel that you are creating your life every minute and look at it as GOOD!! Live right now and remember everything else in neutral. You decide if it takes the drivers seat by your allowing a perception to take a root in your mind!! Cultivate your garden with love and no judgement of anyone or anything and watch your fruit be the best ever...even if you plant at the wrong time!I choose to create a wonderful tomorrow!!