Friday, July 8, 2011

"Kick it Up a Notch" "BAM"

What gifts do you have to bring to the table of life?? Many don't know or are trying to figure it out day by. I am still trying to figure out what my gifts are. All of us have them, but sometimes they are hidden until the right time. With what mind do you get up with in the morning? A servants mind or a selfish mind?? Do you look around you and keep your eyes open for opportunities to brighten anothers day? Or do you think on what can I achieve for selfish gain this day. Don't get me wrong, having is not wrong, for what we have we can share with all. It is a heart thing that opens up the world to each of us, and gives us a peace that passes understanding. Life and things will flow perfectly  as you get rid of the EGO and live in the heart. That is not easy to do as the ego can be a very strong entity to overcome. It was meant to be strong to carry us through hard times when we need to "kick it up a notch", but not so hard we can't manage it and only use it when warrior times approach. And they do many times in our life.
Look in the mirror and remember, you are a special and you have much to give to this earth. Run with those gifts and remember, the perfect person does not exist, we all have faults, and we all have gifts to share with mankind. Your gifts will always give you a peace in your heart, it may be giving of money, giving encouragement, giving love, giving a smile, giving advice {if asked}. Just strive to make this world a more peaceful and loving place and you walk with Spirit.
You are changing this world for good, if for once you live for others and not for yourself. One random act of kindness stirs the positive energy we so badly need to live peace!!
Love who you are as well, for if you are not positive who you are, then how can you positively influence anything...
Have a day of giving and see how it changes your life
Till next time!!