Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Purifying Hurts!!

Am I just crazy or are there many people who just think "they are right" period, case closed? Sounds like the "teachers of the law" in the Bible Jesus was so angry with, and yet I run into so many yet, that still don't understand what concept Jesus was teaching...The word tolerance stirs up some pretty nasty Christian snarls!! I know..I have seen them. Tolerance seems to make some Christians feel like they aren't holding up the TRUTH of God...
Lets examine...tolerance. Jesus had tolerance for all who sat at the cross and watched him die..They had a whole different idea of what was going on..and yet Jesus knew exactly what was happening..."Father forgive them for they know not what they do" The woman caught in adultery...NO STONING..the law was still behind Jesus..but think about what He did. Tolerance for Peter...and his mistake of denial..I know some people who would never have forgiven him..why?? No tolerance. Jesus gave tolerance to people when He had every right to dis-own them..Do we give that to others?? Or only when it is easy and doesn't ruffle any of our righteous feathers.
Christians follow Jesus...Who are you following, when you don't look or act anything like our Lord...Look in the mirror and evaluate..it will burn...purifying hurts!!