Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Pain That Was

If you saw me today you would wonder was I a kook? or had depression set in...Half the day I was crying and half the day I was "laughing and crying" and all the while thanking God!!!Our family has been going through a test,trial for almost 5 years and it finally ended today.It is far to complicated to explain, but what I want you to understand..God can pull you through ANYTHING!!! 5 years is a long walk in the desert, but He was always there and in the process I saw the miracle come forth from the long wait...My heart saw a Miracle today and I will never forget the grace of our God and how HE CARRIED ME THROUGH IT ALL.
When you are panting for a cold drink of spiritual water..go to the fountain of deep quenching water..the water that no other gives...When you can't take another step...Grab hold of the Almighty's hand..He will lift you up..When you are running from darkness..let His light shine in you and the darkness will disappear!!
We have to go through trials to we can get back up exercise..You tear down a muscle and it comes back even stronger...When you feel like giving up..check it out...God cares and will not leave you, if you depend on Him.
5 years...has it been that long???I feel the passing of the pain already. Like the passing of the clouds we steadily watch as they drift away..God will take our pain away like the clouds and replace them with a blue sky that is second to nothing and you will forget and I will forget the pain that was...