Friday, January 1, 2010


I am totally ready to live in the light of God!! These last few months have been a fiery purification for me and my family. Thank you Lord for allowing the testing of our faith!! Do we want to be tested? Of course not..but God said it will produce patience. Yep, I have a little more of that. Maybe alot...
It is my anniversary today and I am blessed with the most wonderful man in the world. God made him for me. He is a Godly preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a wonderful father and husband..
As I was writing his card out, I started to think "I wonder if he feels the same way"
Have I really been the Godly wife I am capable of? Do I look in the scriptures to test myself against what God says a wife should be...By the way, do not test yourself with Proverbs 31, you will end up crawling under your pillow and never trying again!! Each season of your life is mentioned there. We do have scriptures that can help us see what a Godly wife looks like. I for one..need to repent and try harder. To my dismay and plain rebellion, I must ask my husband to forgive me as I don't match up..BUT..Thank God for Jesus and His grace imparted to me in these times of failure!!! I don't have to go away with my tail between my legs feeling like a failure..Jesus forgave me of my sin 2000 years ago!!Praise God!! Do you take on Satan when he trys to guilt you into thinking you are scum?? Cause you aren't..but he loves to get you feeling so bad you give up...he is the father of all lies!!In God we have the power to make him flee from us..get away..leave us away...
I am thankful for the power through Jesus to do this as I live for Christ..And I say "WHOOOOHOOOO" to the joy in my heart that is there from this knowledge!! Amen