Monday, December 28, 2009

"I Remember"

I am amazed at how fast this year has gone!! I remember thinking..We can't go to Arizona,we'll die of the heat. God took us there anyway, and I am still here and nothing has melted yet.I remember thinking, I will never see my family again, low and behold my sis has been to see me twice and my mom once..boy was I wrong...I remember leaving Montana and knowing God had a better plan for us. I was right!! I have learned so much in this "desert" of Arizona..I guess God does some of his best work on His people in the "desert". The people in our church here have taught me many things..they have no idea. I have learned how to be quiet, how to watch people disagree(from a distance) I might say, and to keep my opinion to myself..Just nuggets of gold I could have only learned here and still have people love me!! I remember thanking God for bringing us here and then asking why are we here??? then understanding why we are here ..all in 7 months.I remember watching my shadow most loved dog Hoover..That is a memory I choose to forget!! I remember asking God just recently, What do you have in store for next year? He knows exactly where we will be, working for Him in his Kingdom. He directs our steps each day. I remember God is my all and in Him we find our life and our memories. He creates and manifests the road we walk each day. Be it happy or sad..It "is" and He holds our hands through it all and if by some means we can't walk that road..He carries us in His arms until we are strong enough to walk again. I remember God each day..Do you??