Monday, April 12, 2010

"Don't Be Afraid"

Spring has Sprung and I am filled with new desire to GROW this year searching for the more perfect way!!!I have discovered most of my life has been filled with fear...fear of everything..but mostly fear that I may end up in a not so nice spiritual place..I know many of you struggle with that deep down inside,as we have been taught about "hell" since our first touch with Christianity..I have to admit, that at a few points in my spiritual was on my mind so much it destroyed the joy I know I am supposed to have.
Fear and respect are 2 very different things, and I think we get caught up in this dimension (physical) that we forget perfect love casts out fear...God is not in the business of lurking around walls to catch us at every failure...He is in the business of helping us up when we fall and clapping( so to speak) when we succeed..and smiling on us even when we mess up.If I had a physical dad that was as mean as some Christians make our God out to be..I would walk in FEAR and continually doubt myself..and therefor be no good to anyone at all.
Jesus is trying to enlighten people of His day to understand that to grow Spiritually we must look to Him as our example and think of God as a Father figure....Even though we know God is not a figure of any sort...but to the Jews..that "Father figure" was a big jump!!! They didn't even say His name...Jesus said now you can call Him FATHER..WOW.
When fear grabs you about the unknown..think of your children and the grace you would give them if they messed up and you are not far from from where God is..I know this.