Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"What Can You Do Without??"

It is moving day for us in 5 days. Ouch, can I get it all done? I have moved so many times it's not funny. Being in the military and buying and upgrading houses have put me in that situation.I have realized though as I go through my life, that I am automatically getting rid of "things" I have no use for. I guess I really didn't realize it until just recently during this move. I don't have a need to cling to "things" anymore. One by one they end up at a charity and in someone elses hands.
I am not quite sure why, but I have a feeling it has to do with growing spiritually.
Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy the best life has to offer and the blessings God provides, it's just, I don't have a need for all that luggage. Just because you don't have "stuff" doesn't make you poor, just the opposite for me..FREEDOM!!
We live in a throw away world. They make all things we buy that way now, so I guess I figure, if I buy it used, that is one less thing that will litter our earth in the big "throw away junk pile". I learned long ago from my dad, used is "better" than new on so many levels. I want to commit to using something till it is unusable, then it can be tossed, but I think it unkind to humanity to change your perfectly good new granite counter top just because you don't like the color!! That, to me, is nuts.
I am just a stickler for buying good used things and taking care of them and even giving them to someone else to use after me, a recycling in my mind.
The next time you go out to shop for a big ticket item, maybe entertain the idea of used and our dumps will decrease in size. Your effort in this can make a huge difference.
I mean what really do we "need"??
Dee Hall