Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Change the Pain"

So many people are in "pain" today. Emotional and physical.I look at people's faces and I so want to reach out and tell them, Jesus has gone through everything you are going through..right now!! I want to hug them and tell them everything can be peaceful if you ask God to help and give your life to him to figure out!!

Christians are in pain as well..but what do we say to them?? Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.. Do you ever just want someone to talk to you about God? We as Christians, need to reach out and comfort our own..Jesus said to love one another..and you will know them by their "love" Sometimes I think we just take for granted that our brothers and sisters are fine and we really just let people fall through the cracks...We are human and need the love of our Christian family.

When was the last time you said.."I should do such and such..." and never did it..I am guilty of this also.."I should take a meal to..." I should go the hospital" " I should help so and so.." Jesus said..I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was homeless and you gave me a room, I was shivering and you gave me clothes, I was sick and you stopped to visit me, I was in prison and you came to me..Wow

I am cut to the heart..Out of the mouth of Jesus, comes such simple stuff. God gives us ways to change the pain in this world..very simple steps. Ask God to OPEN YOUR EYES to see what you would not normally see..He will and He will give you ways to serve...Thank you God for giving us a way to "Change the Pain"
Dee Hall


Anonymous said...

That is so true God has really empowered us to be able to change the pain for a lot of people and when we do that we bring Him glory and show others who God is and how He works.