Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Go the Extra Mile.....Even if it Hurts"

I had something put on my plate today that was a test for me. How was I going to handle this difference in opinion? I could get mad and prove my point and yet, Jesus said, "Don't" He says to love everyone and when opposition matter what it is.."Don't fight!!" "Pray"..So I did. Jesus said if someone slaps your cheek turn and let them slap the other!! What??? No way ..that can't be right. Let someone walk on me??

My personality is the type where I need to prove what I know..Probably from having to prove the Bible to be true in so many Bible studies. It is instilled in me that I must prove "right" is "right" or "wrong" is "wrong". I have always pondered over those verses and have watched many Christians justify their nasty behavior by ignoring them.

They are in red and the words of Jesus himself.."Yes my child...Let someone have the complete upper hand" " Yes my child..let someone take advantage of you" "Yes my child let someone treat you badly" I thought for many years..Those are just guide lines.. No they are not!!! In Matthew 5:45 it says you must do these things.."that you may be sons of your Father in heaven!!"

I am always willing to learn Father..Thank you again for teaching me what love is about and giving me a lesson to learn AGAIN!! Each day if your eyes are opened wide, God will chasten you a little as we do our own children..Don't close your ears from Gods teachings..Give yourself wholly to another and walk with him that extra mile..Jesus lives in us and the world can not know him unless they see Him in us!!
Dee Hall