Thursday, October 1, 2009


How do we get so darn caught up in the "me" zone...You know..Woe is "me"I keep forgetting how God feels about complainers!!! Let me clear the fog.. Remember the desert people?? Those guys that walked around in a 90 mile radius for 40 years??

The ones who complained of no "good" food.."What is this Manna junk?"..I can just hear them now..."What can we make with this!!!?" No BBQ???? "Where's the Meat?" "Oh we loved those leeks back in Egypt..and the daily beatings, and making bricks that fell apart and working our behinds off for the slave drivers that yelled at us daily" I wish we could go back there" We just can't believe those faithless Hebrews who complained when God was so nice to them...He took care of all their needs and all they did was complain...

He even gave them Quail for BBQ (hee) "..Dee..Dee..." "Yes Lord" "Here I am""Why are you complaining about the way I am caring for you?" O darn..Caught once again!! " Me Lord? Complaining?' "No Not me...I was just ah..ah..ah..well complaining..just a little..okay maybe alot" "You forgot how I always take care of you!!"" I know..but I am different than them ( the Hebrews) ..they had NO FAITH....I do""Oh really Dee..and how am I seeing your faith in complaining?""That was then this is now..our life is so hard, and I can't see your miracles like they did!!""Look in the mirror..Dee, you are my miracle"

Let us remember that God is there, and to look at each day as a new mountain to climb..He is there to carry us when we need it..but to let us fall so he can clap when we get back up!!! Make your God happy and keep the complaining to a minimum and the world will hear the birds sing more clearly!!Lord, help us to remember when you have shown us miracles and to sing with joy, and praise you each day!!
Dee Hall


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