Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"A Long and Meaningful Second"

Today I was reminded that our time here on Earth is so limited. The Bible says our life is but a mist..It is here today and gone tomorrow... That word mist is "Psssst" Pretty quick.. For some it seems like ages..and for some, like me, it went so fast. My years are but a fuzzy blur..I prayed last year "God please slow down time for me" He did..It seems to be to be slowing down and I am grateful. Maybe that is just old age!

Where does our time go? What do we spend it doing? I challenge you to ask yourself the question..What are the eternal consequences of what I choose to do? God gives us JOY beyond measure and sometimes tears beyond belief. Do we really give our day to God, or just minimal parts?

Let's look at it from a parents perspective..How would any of you parents feel if you could see your child through a glass each day( like a one way mirror) but they only spoke to you when they had time..You wait patiently, hoping for just a small conversation..You relish anything they might give you..a smile, an acknowledgement of any sort. You start to wonder, "Do they even love me?" You bang on the glass trying to get their scream.."please talk to me!!!"

You wave and eventually sit down in your sadness and wonder..What happened? Why are they ignoring me??Well friends..That is what God does everyday..He waits for us to pray to him..TALK TO HIM..He longs for us to give him TIME!!!! What do you do with your time?? We are but a mist. Please give your Father what He longs for, a kiss of time, a hug of prayer and a smile of gratitude for giving us "a long and meaningful second"