Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"The Little Campfire that Could"

Time flies when you are having fun...I feel like I have been on this earth for 10 years in the past month!! Fun??I think not...God is a desert sort of deity..Placing you there for refining, and a fire kind of Father that can warm your insides or burn the beauty out of you.

I for one love the times when it is warm and fuzzy, but there has to be times of refining as well..
My dog had to be put to sleep. That in itself, was unbelievably hard watching him die and taking care of him. I kept waking up and thinking it was a dream. Oh I know it was just an animal, but people who love them, they understand.

God has been changing me inside and out as well..
You know how you think you "know" something, and then God turns your belief upside down? I am learning our Almighty Father is a wisdom giver. All you have to do is really James says and then WATCH OUT!!! If you open up and really listen, He will teach you things you never thought you could understand.

He may even put you through things you never thought you could make it through..without grabbing hold of something to keep from falling off the edge!! I grabbed His arm so many times this past month, I feel like I pulled it OFF!!

I've got some burn marks on me..They will fade in time, but the pure patience and understanding that I have gained from this last month, will forever be with me.
Our God is a compassionate God and one who loves us. He helps us grow and I am just learning the blessing of a little campfire on my get the point across!!