Friday, October 9, 2009

"Get Back on My Road"

It has taken me a long time to get the fact, everyone is not walking down the path of our Lord at just the same place. For many years I believed it was my job to convince each person to get right next to me on that road. I realized, with much disappointment each time, that no matter how hard I worked, they remained exactly where God wanted them.."GO FIGURE"

As much as I wanted to walk in every way with each of them, God finally taught me..It is okay to be be at different places..with different opinions and even different beliefs!! That is taboo in some churches...And then it dawned on me...God is the judge..He really is!!! Oh I know what some of you are secretly thinking.."She will come around" Come around to my belief..our our church..

Unity is not conformity...There is a difference..Jesus wants us to have unity "in HIM", but don't you think He knew we would all have our opinions on many different things? He made us...
I have seen so many people hurt from judgementalism and self righteousness..It makes me literally sick to my stomach..Splits in churches over the smallest of things and hate between brother and sisters in Christ!!

I think God is crying over His church...He never imagined His children acting like..well children..
or did He??

Our God is a most wonderful entity!! He knew what would happen in the future!! He is so long suffering...He allows us to be so many places..Romans 14..shows us this.
I ask you now to evaluate yourself as I did, and ask God to give you a Spirit of grace upon people who are not where you are on that road...Ask Him to keep your heart soft.

Ask yourself this question..Do you believe every single thing you did just 3 years ago..If you do I feel sorry for you...Gods Word means different things to different people at different times in their lives..OOOPS did I just step on some people's toes??

I am sorry , but His Word is a living word...working with our conscience and molding us into what GOD wants each individual to be..
He is able to make us stand...through Jesus...and if our heart is open and not closed..He is able to teach us all things through the Spirit..which dwells in us...
Please be a student of Gods Words and find out what he wants from you.
Dee Hall


Unknown said...

Dee, this is exactly where the problem lies with me. I have no idea what he wants from me. The scriptures are sometime difficult to interpret, which makes it a challenge in deciding which road to take. Believe in what you think? Believe in what others tell you? How is it done if you do not have a clear understanding yourself?

Anyway.. I will continue to follow your blog and see if I can figure this thing out.

Oh, thanks again for the Facebook friendship!
You are a blessing!

Martha said...

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