Monday, November 29, 2010

"My Passion"

Have you all figured out yet by my posts that I have 2 passions. Helping people and teaching holistic nutrition as a way of life. I hate Big Pharma and their greedy little fingers in everyones lives. Western medicine is a joke and no offense to the good doctors out there, but they don't have a clue in my opinion. It isn't their fault,they are taught that way all through medical school. Don't fix the problem, fix the symptom!! With drugs I might add. Drugs that kill off your major organs in time and actually make YOU sick!! Oh please, don't even try to defend them..even the ignorant people can see the lawsuits happening already, and let me tell you, this is just the beginning. If I can help educate one person, I am in heaven on earth. If I can help one person I am grateful. I know the truth about health, and the sad fact is Americans are buying into the prescription drug merry-go-round. "Take another Sir to help get rid of the first drugs side effects" and on and on it goes,where it stops..I KNOW...Liver failure??, Kidney failure, Heart Failure?? Not enough?? How about that big enough for you to stop ingesting pills for every blinkin" symptom you might have, or just because your doc says to!!! It is time for each person to take responsibility for their own health.
Your body is a miracle machine and can heal itself given proper nutrition and holistic approaches to the sickness. Check out the meds your doc supplies..research and do not take them blindly,I beg of you!!! You only have one liver...It is supposed to MAKE cholesterol...But of course you must be on a statin drug to trick your own liver into not making what God designed it for...because a doc has said to you..your liver has gone wild and is out of control!! We must stop it from making a substance needed for every human bodies function right down to breathing!! Amazing.I do believe if a doctor said that Goodyear tires would cure cancer we would be making tire goulash...Wake up and smell the deception people and get a are your own Physician..heal thyself!!! This is "My Passion"