Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Change is Good"

Do you ever look in the mirror and think 'who am I and where did I go? I have gone through some life changing trials in the past few months, and there were many times I thought I was never going to find Dee Anne again. That is scary because, truly you begin to wonder who you ever were!! One day clouds into the next, and you realize you have now become a totally different person and the old one is gone forever. How did you live as that old person?? and are you ever going to feel comfortable in your new skin?? I am here to tell you yes and the skin can be silk if you let it. Depression is real and can play a part in the whole metamorphosis. The sun doesn't shine many days as you under go spiritual surgery. Sometimes you wonder if you will ever feel right again...You will..time has such a way of healing things but the waiting is HELL!!
Grab hold of your blanket and your thumb and take a break. Expect nothing while you go through the changes of divorce, relationships, job changes, and any upheaval. You must give your mind and body time to adjust to their new surroundings!! It is unpleasant and can feel like you are dying, but go with it!! Soon the clouds will lift and you will emerge a butterfly successfully molded from a caterpillar so many months ago. You will be able to start appreciating your beautiful colors and looking in the mirror without cringing anymore!! You will fly again and wonder how you ever survived the PAIN of the cocoon you lived in for a little time.
I was very blessed to have a very wonderful friend walk down the road of what seemed like insanity at times, with me. That friend will never know how many time they saved me from myself and my thoughts of leaving this world. Do angels come to people..yes I believe so..This person knows quite well how bad I felt sometimes and stuck with me through it all. It may not be over either..but the storm clouds have given way to some blue sky at least for me and I think I am back in the land of the living again...So when you are re-doing...and it seems life is punching you in the face..turn the other cheek and feel it, smell it, taste it..use all your being to absorb what you are going through...then let it go and the day will come when you look in the mirror and say...Change is good!!! I like ME again!!