Thursday, July 1, 2010

Orthorexia Nervosa..What???? My view on healthy eating being a mental disorder.

Can you believe it?? People who are concerned about what goes into their mouth having a "Mental Illness" or disorder. Orthorexia Nervosa is the new serious psychological disorder of the day. No kidding, if you focus on eating healthy foods, you are "mentally diseased". According to The Guardian, we who care that eating the SAD can make you sick and choose to eat a more healthy diet are ill. Well I guess that means I can apply for a dis-ability then, and get the government to pay me to be healthy...AWESOME!!! That makes my day..Come on you all..You can have a dis-ability for most mental illnesses...Let's do this.
This just trips my trigger...I have the mental capacity to say no to sugar,GMO foods,high fructose corn syrup, and any other detrimental food and I am considered a mental case..AMAZING!!!
I am getting tired of "BIG PHARMA", and you can bet they've got some drugs to help me with my "disorder", telling me "who I am" and why.
The people who eat "normal" processed junk foods laced with toxic chemicals are now the "right thinking" individuals. I think not. Why do you think dead, processed foods remain the default meals in public schools, hospitals and prisons? Get healthy and start thinking clearly..Oh no that would make us independent thinkers...
Does this make anyone else mad??
If you want to eat junk and think junk, that is your right..but leave us people, who have chosen a more perfect way ALONE!!! Better yet,try an "organic apple" a does keep the doctor away!!!