Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Works for Me"

I found an old friend the other day and started thinking about the treasures we have in memories. No matter how old we are, we can always sit back in our rocking chairs..(speak for yourselves) and close our eyes and remember the good old times. It is oh so much better than a camera and usually is not accidentally deleted.
We may have had young childhood friends we played with until nighttime everyday. Hide and seek till we were so worn out, a cup of Koolaid (I am dating myself)called our names loudly. Running together till we couldn't run anymore. Finding the best tree to climb,the best jump rope to jump, and the best pool to swim in.
Then we became a little older and found our first kiss and crush. Always wondering what that very special one really thought of us...Did he or she really like us..or were they going to break our heart the very next day. Oh the drama of it all.
Then all of a sudden we are adults. Where did that come from?? I wanted to stay young and happy and never have to grow up.I just wanted to stare at the moon and think about the next day...cause that was all there was..the next day!!!
Then life hits you right square between the eyes and you realize, there is no turning back. Off you go fully engaged in your life,thinking STOP! it is going too fast!!
Now, as I sit staring up at the moon, I wonder instead of thinking about tomorrow as I did in my childhood,I think about yesterday and am thankful I have my memories to think back on and my childhood to remember, because sometimes our adulthoods are full of learning and mistakes and we wonder why we just couldn't stay young..Works for me!!