Friday, April 30, 2010

"In the Name of Love??"

I am so totally miffed by an occurrence tonight. Not angry, just miffed, unsettled.
It makes me wonder just what is going on inside a persons head when on the surface, they seem so caring in their earth service and yet just under the surface, they are so caught up in the cause and their belief, they turn into raging judgmental maniacs. If you do not agree with their belief system..then hate reeks from their pours and hits everyone around!! all in the name of "love" to them...They hisssss angry words to condemn the non-conformers and yet in their own eyes are admirable..I have even seen them say a human should be killed because of a mistake that rubbed their belief the wrong way..Kill another?? of your own?? in the name of good?? What the heck is that??? I am always trying to stay positive and yet so many things (terrible things) have been done "in the name of love" and justified in the eyes of the believer. I am sure that is not what our Creator had in mind, when we are to love one another. I guess I am venting my thoughts, but People...We still have to respect all peoples views and treat each with dignity and kindness, even if they are different than our deep down convictions.If we don't we make love a works sometimes and other time not.Wouldn't want that on my conscience..How about you??