Monday, January 25, 2010

"That Which You Think"

Do you ever get stuck in a rut?? Find yourself doing and thinking the same things day in and day out? We can actually stop progressing..spiritually,emotionally,and physically. We are what we think..if we are all about negative,what else could our lives manifest? I catch myself getting really down on myself..about everything and wondering just exactly why I do that. I already know..It is a natural human tendency to feel negative. It comes from our flesh and not our Spirits. Once a habit is formed, it takes conscious thought on the positive everyday to stop that thought.
I ask myself.."self, just how do we change our thought patterns?" I for one admit, I don't have the answer..but God does and He can help you overcome the times your self wants to destroy you!! Stay prayerful and in all things keep your mind on how the grace of God covers you when it gets tough...
Many of us have had terrible lives..but as I remember someone saying.."He gives the toughest souls the most trials" How are you going to make it through the next trial??
How are you going to stay positive? Look to the Lord and remember, This world is a place you can make a difference. God gave you the tools to do so..grace, mercy and forgiveness are all the tools you need to walk out and touch this world with your mind firmly knowing that no matter what you have ever done, God can help you "THINK RIGHT" and bind the negative and explode the positive. Change the way you "THINK" and your life will present so many more possibilities and people to touch..So live as though it were a POSITIVE DAY and it will become that which you think.