Wednesday, October 3, 2012

" A Friends Poem"

WOW, it has been a long time since I've sat down and put feelings to words. I think I will just leave you today with a poem written by my new friend Tracy Janzen. This poem gave me a feeling of release. There is in all of us, something or someone we want buried and gone...A truthful way of putting it Tracy!! I'm killing you softly, a little at a time. I'm watching you lifeless. Your death is mine. I'm covering your mouth. Silenced forever more. Watching you panic. As I enjoy this chore. I'm watching you coldly. My compassion is gone. I'm killing you softly, as I move on. Your words are beneath me. Meant to malign. Silenced forever, your death is mine. I'm disassembling you, a piece at a time. Burying the parts, that are stuck in my mind. I'm killing you softly, a little at a time. Moving on completely, is my only crime. Tracy!!