Thursday, December 23, 2010

"My Angel"

I have a special person in my life who has seen me through some of the most awful times I have ever faced. This person amazes me on a daily basis, never turning from me even though most would have abandoned me for lack of understanding. A counselor would not have done a better job at listening, and when advice was asked for it was always given in love. I saw a card tonight at the store that described our friendship so well, but alas a Christmas card has already been given. This card described how true friends never give up on one another, never leave one another under any circumstances. They may disagree on subjects, but the respect they hold deep inside for each other prevents them from holding a grudge. My special person has listened to me scream,cry,and probably growl at my life and yet always calmed me down with a soothing "are you finished yet?" and a direction to walk. This person waked me through some dark valleys, up some tall mountains, and through some FIRE. Holding my hand, sometimes like a little girl.I know for a fact now I have never had a better more loving friend in the 47 years on this earth. If I could give you the world my friend, I would and you know that. If I could give you back half of what you have given me,life would be better in my eyes. This person has made me laugh, cry and love in a whole different way. I see things through different eyes as my friend has whittled my eyes into eyes that see clearly, maybe for the first time in my life. If I knew I would be blessed in so may ways by this person, I would have prepared. How, I do not know. You really do not know the changes you have helped me make friend, and how much I cherish you. I hope your life gives you all you deserve..for you are my ANGEL sent from above!!