Monday, June 10, 2013

"The Missing Links of the Attraction Law" 
Don't get mad, but I think the "Law of Attraction" has missing links, and I am by no means a guru on the subject. Many people find their happiness starts to dissipate as they participate in this process of attracting their dreams and creating their reality. Why? is my question.
I am most miserable when I realize, all of the techniques, if you want to call them that, have failed and I am not achieving the happiness and peace I so long for, let alone the physical manifestations so many people brag about. What am I doing wrong?? Then I realized over a week in absolute hell emotionally and physically, that there was a missing link, at least for me. Pushing the Universe, coercing reality, and  thinking constantly about something was taking away the actual enjoyment of the things I had already created. So what was the use of creating them in the first place? On to the next miserable moment of creating everything for nothing. Is that what I was doing??? Creating my life and never really enjoying it. That was the moment I realized, unless I learn, and I mean teach myself the tools to enjoy what I am creating, it is all for not.
Another week of pure hell and I believe I have emerged from my cocoon a butterfly ready to soar in the peace and happiness that allows me to enjoy one moment, and then another moment, and then another. " Living in the precious present right now moment" is the thing that allows the creating to come forth and actually happen. If you allow the Universe to bring into the 3-D existence your dreams and reality without a time limit, or specific outcome, the joy comes back and the peace that passes all understanding as Jesus talked about, lives in you. Heaven on earth.
I am happy most moments now and when I let my mind drift to EGO thinking of the future or the past, I concentrate on exactly the moment I am in. No more anxiety, fear or days when you feel as if there is the rain cloud above your head. I do not want to be Eeyore, but Winnie himself. The always happy bear no matter what.
It isn't easy to stop the chatter in your head or to be "in the moment" but it is sure worth the effort, at least for me, to continue to perfect this tool, as it has brought a whole new dimension to co creation in my life.
Till next time....see I am even enjoying writing again!!!