Monday, December 3, 2012

" Evolving from the Law of atrraction to the Law of Emergence"
I have always struggled wondering why so many people still struggle. They purchase wealth building materials, and yet are still not seeing results of abundance in their own lives months and even years later. The law of attraction is real, just as real as the law of gravity. We do create our own reality, whether good or bad.
I had an "AHA" moment yesterday that I have probably been working on for awhile. My son and sis started it awhile back and listening to a wonderful speaker yesterday helped put it into perspective for me.
I knew in my heart we are already perfect, and yet many are struggling to emerge. I keep hearing from so many gurus, you must attract what you are lacking. Just do all the basics..dream, meditate, concentrate on what you want 12 times a day...FOCUS!!! We do...We do...and We do...and yet nothing..That was a struggle for me. If we are attracting, what is it that stops so many wonderfully creative people from creating?
We came here to journey until we have learned what it is we signed up for. To find our true "soul" self. We all have a destiny and we are creating it each second of the day, with each thought we entertain. Instead of thinking we are lacking something and need to learn the "Law of Attraction" to get that which we lack to come to us, a small shift in perspective allows one to see the forest beyond the trees. We don't lack anything. We are already created perfect. We are everything we could ever imagine. We have everything we could imagine. We are!!! Cause and effect doesn't really exist. Lets look at it another way... We are a spirits in a 3-D body still trying to emerge and find our full potential. The trials we face can become a wonderful tool to work with as we emerge. Stop thinking you lack anything and begin knowing "you are perfect" and using what I call the "hardship hammer" to your benefit. What I mean by this is, when conflict arises we get cracked open a little more.This lets our true selves emerge even more and we can work through and confront those fears, doubts, ect head on and finally release them and the power we have naturally gets stronger and stronger. The bible says "And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?" Which means we are already perfect. An oak tree is a small acorn, and unless it is surrounded by all the things it needs to grow will remain so,but with water and sun and soil it will emerge into a huge oak tree, The oak tree is already there. How about seeds in the forest wrapped so tightly that the only thing that allows them to emerge and grow into a beautiful plant or tree, is a forest fire. We consider that devastating and yet it is not intended to be, That fire releases that tree so we could behold it!!!
Many people create from the lower grids still today, not from a pure heart. Oh they "get many things and yet as you know studies have shown lottery winners often end up worse off than before,Why?? If you do not create from your heart, it was never really yours on another level. So many people are rich and miserable.
Stop struggling with the Law of Attraction and willing things into your life. Let go and learn to release the thoughts that bind you and naturally you and all the things you already are will emerge . Like Michelangelo said when he was done with his beloved "David" He was always in the block of stone, I just let him out!!!