Friday, February 11, 2011

"I Choose to Create a Wonderful Tomorrow"

I have to admit, this has been the absolute hardest time in my life. For those of you that have no idea, I am going through what I thought would be an easy divorce. Little did I know, I was so wrong!! I had every intention of being the guy who takes the high road..but someone keeps dragging me through the dirt!!I still want to be reasonable and kind and forgiveness is not an is a must for me to heal. I may never forget though. They say divorce is like death..yes well mine died many years ago, so I started with depression and ended with "love covers many things" attitude. Thank you soon to be X for bringing me through hell..I came out in heaven and learned much while I survived.
I also have a very special friend who saved me much heartache. I can say this person was my Angel sent from the Source. Thank you to this person for probably saving my life at one point or another with kind words and a kind ear. When the Source provides a person to nurture you through hard times..feel blessed always, for you are special enough to have an Angel.
It is not over yet, but at least I made it through the hardest part, being alone for the first time in many many years. Oh the FEAR!! It is immobilizing. All the thoughts that flow endlessly through your mind.."Will I survive all this?" "Am I going to be able to support my child?" They never end..Until you just give them up!! Stop throwing the thought pebbles of negativity into your attitude pool. Find positive pebbles and cast them in every day like diamonds. They are the thoughts that are creating your tomorrows. Soon your life takes on a new meaning, and fear turns into faith and love is your vehicle that carries you along. Love what you are creating everyday and look at it with the innocence of a child. Marvel that you are creating your life every minute and look at it as GOOD!! Live right now and remember everything else in neutral. You decide if it takes the drivers seat by your allowing a perception to take a root in your mind!! Cultivate your garden with love and no judgement of anyone or anything and watch your fruit be the best ever...even if you plant at the wrong time!I choose to create a wonderful tomorrow!!